With OpenWire Studio you build applications visually by simply connecting "wires" to components --
no other IDE required!
  • IC-like wiring
  • Edit-in-place
  • Auto-arranges
  • Visual debugging
  • Easy to read
  • Print to document


Order Now!  OpenWire Studio is available for the following platforms


     Every license purchase comes with 1 year of free upgrades

     After 1 year the license can be renewed for 50% of the product price for 1 year of free upgrades


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If you do not have a compatible IDE, you can purchase an Embarcadero IDE


*Due to a linker bug in C++ Builder XE2, Firemonkey is not working properly for all libraries, and VCL is not working for VisionLab.
This applies only to C++ Builder XE2.
Windows 8, 10, and Higher
Windows 7
Windows Vista