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Class: TALCommonPlayer




property PumpPriority : Cardinal read FPumpPriority write FPumpPriority default 0;

C++ Builder:

__property unsigned int PumpPriority = { read=FPumpPriority, write=FPumpPriority, default=0 };


Specifies the priority of the component as a pump.


TALWavePlayer is capable of pumping data. It means that if no other pumping component is presented, TALWavePlayer will start generating frames, and sending them via its OutputPin. TALWavePlayer is a master level pump. Any pump with a level below master will be ignored and the component will serve as a pump. If there is a pump above maser level, the component will work in slave mode, providing data on the pump request. If the other pump is a master as well, the priority number will be used to determine who will serve as a pump. If both priorities are equal, one of the pumps will be selected to serve as a data pump.

Delphi example:

ALWavePlayer1.PumpPriority := 5;

C++ Builder example:

ALWavePlayer1->PumpPriority = 5;

Visual C++(MFC/Win32) example:

ALWavePlayer1.PumpPriority = 5;

Visual C++/CLI example:

waveLogger1->PumpPriority = 5;

C# example:

waveLogger1.PumpPriority = 5;

VB example:

WaveLogger1.PumpPriority = 5

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