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Class: TALSpeexCompressor




property UseVariableBitRate : Boolean read FVBR write FVBR;

C++ Builder:

__property bool UseVariableBitRate = { read=FVBR, write=FVBR };


Enables/Disables the variable bit rate.


Use this property to enables or disables the variable bit rate.

Variable bit-rate (VBR) allows a codec to change its bit-rate dynamically to adapt to the “difficulty” of the audio being encoded. In the example of Speex, sounds like vowels and high-energy transients require a higher bit-rate to achieve good quality, while fricatives (e.g. s,f sounds) can be coded adequately with less bits. For this reason, VBR can achieve lower bit-rate for the same quality, or a better quality for a certain bit-rate. Despite its advantages, VBR has two main drawbacks: first, by only specifying quality, there’s no guaranty about the final average bit-rate. Second, for some real-time applications like voice over IP (VoIP), what counts is the maximum bit-rate, which must be low enough for the communication channel.

Delphi example:

ALSpeexCompressor1.UseVariableBitRate := True;

C++ Builder example:

ALSpeexCompressor1->UseVariableBitRate = true;

Visual C++(MFC/Win32) example:

ALSpeexCompressor1.UseVariableBitRate = true;

C# Example:

speexCompressor1.UseVariableBitRate = true;

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