Method function IGDIPlus.IGPImageAttributes.SetOutputChannel(TGPColorChannelFlags;TGPColorAdjustType) : TGPImageAttributes

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Class: IGPImageAttributes




function SetOutputChannel( channelFlags : TGPColorChannelFlags, type_ : TGPColorAdjustType ) : TGPImageAttributes;

C++ Builder:

TGPImageAttributes __fastcall SetOutputChannel( TGPColorChannelFlags channelFlags, TGPColorAdjustType type_ );

Visual C++ (MFC):

SetOutputChannel(  channelFlags,  type_ );


Sets the CMYK output channel for a specified category.


Call this method to set the CMYK output channel for a specified category. Remarks You can use the SetOutputChannel method to convert an image to a cyan-magenta-yellow-black (CMYK) color space and examine the intensities of one of the CMYK color channels. For example, suppose you create an TGPImageAttributes object and set its bitmap output channel to ColorChannelFlagsC. If you pass the address of that TGPImageAttributes object to the Graphics::DrawImage method, the cyan component of each pixel is calculated, and each pixel in the rendered image is a shade of gray that indicates the intensity of its cyan channel. Similarly, you can render images that indicate the intensities of the magenta, yellow, and black channels.

An TGPImageAttributes object maintains color and grayscale settings for five adjustment categories: default, bitmap, brush, pen, and text. For example, you can specify an output channel for the default category and a different output channel for the bitmap category.

The default color- and grayscale-adjustment settings apply to all categories that don't have adjustment settings of their own. For example, if you never specify any adjustment settings for the bitmap category, then the default settings apply to the bitmap category.

As soon as you specify a color- or grayscale-adjustment setting for a certain category, the default adjustment settings no longer apply to that category. For example, suppose you specify a collection of adjustment settings for the default category. If you set the output channel for the bitmap category by passing ColorAdjustTypeBitmap to the SetOutputChannel method, then none of the default adjustment settings will apply to bitmaps.

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