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Installer for VideoLab (469 MB): VideoLab for Microsoft .NET 4.0 (4.5 and 4.6 compatible)
Updated on 2018-11-08, downloaded 34578 times.

Removal & Uninstallation

Once you have downloaded and un-zipped the installer and done your install, you may want to remove the software to upgrade to a new version. The method of removing will depend on how you originally installed it. If you ran an installation executable file you will be able to use the Program Un-install from the Control Panel on Windows 7/8 to do this or the Add/ Remove Application on prior versions. If you un-zipped the software direct from the zip archive you can simply delete the folder to which you un-zipped the contents to. Remember to close all development IDEs before performing any such removal.


Here is also a tutorial on how to uninstall Windows software, in case you decide to uninstall:


WARNING: This version is compatible only with the corresponding versions of the rest of the libraries!

Do not install it together with different versions of the other LabPack-libraries.

Note: All individual LabPack products are sold either with source code or without source code. Also, you may purchase an upgrade from the version without to the version with source code.